Sunday’s Around Town was both informative and entertaining. Our guests were Margaret Fenwick and Caroline Hardie from Friends of Stockton and Darlington Railway. In conversation, we learned about the history of Heighington Railway Station, its status as a Grade Two Star listed building, and its place in the history and development of the railways nationally, and around the world, and the future plans for what is a major historical building, Caroline was able to share both anecdotal and factual stories of the development of the railway story in Aycliffe, Darlington, Shildon and the surrounding areas.
How Middlesbrough eventually became a bustling port town, and how the country faced a major lockdown in the 1800’s when a ship docked at Sunderland and unloaded the plague, as well as their cargo, which quickly spread throughout the country.
We learnt how Caroline was bought Scargill castle, by her future husband, for the princely sum of one hundred pounds plus tax. As with most castles, it was a bit of a doer upper and required more than a little TLC, primarily because of its age, and because, during the second war the home guard tried to kill it by using it for target practice. The internationally successful Time Team television show recorded an episode of the programme at Scargill Castle entitled ‘The Wedding Present’ which is available to view on YouTube. The castle has been fully renovated and is now available as a holiday or short break let.
Anyone wishing further information on any of the topics covered on the show can find the various links by clicking on the Friends of Stockton and Darlington Facebook page.
Phill & Andy
Around Town, Aycliffe Radio.