Greenfield Community College were pleased to host two live performances and workshops from Live Theatre last week. Live theatre devised and performed a piece call “Michaela’s Mistake” which is a one person show that explores issues around internet safety.  Written by Chelsey Cleminson, Michaela is about to make a mistake.

The same mistake any lonely, insecure school girl might make. For the first time in her life a beautiful young lad with abs and a suntan fancies her. But Facebook isn’t real life is it?  This play shows how easily an alternative world can be created over the internet and how quickly that world can come tumbling down.

The theatre company worked with Year 8 and Year 9 students from Greenfield Community College and the piece provoked stimulating debate and discussion about internet safety issues.

We were very pleased to have this professional performance at Greenfield Community College and are proud to say it is our 10th live professional performance this year!