The Leader of the Town Council, Bob Fleming, thought he had won a victory over the removal of A167 lights by Durham County Council. He negotiated a deal whereby they will stay and become the responsibility of our Council when ratified.
However the sting in the tail is another proposal, under the same policy, to remove lights within the town itself along a section of Burnhill Way, north of the Cobblers Hall roundabout.
The Street Lighting Energy Reduction Project approved in 2012 agreed the removal of 7,000 street lights not required by British Standards where it is safe to do so. Technical Services intend to remove 11 street lights where Burnhill Way runs alongside Agnew North Plantation.
Residents are asked to comment if they feel there is a safety issue and along with the A167 lights will be considered by the Town Council Environment Committee at their meeting on Wednesday 1st July at 7.15pm.
Members of the public are invited to attend the Council Meeting at their offices on School
Aycliffe Lane.
This is a cost saving exercise by the County Council who believe the removal of lights complies with British Standards and will not compromise road safety.
The question everyone asks is why are the lights there in the first place?