Greenfield Community College are finding new ways to welcome Year 6 students to school this year. It is important that students are given opportunities and information that will allow them to feel confident and secure about their transition to secondary school.

Ms Davis is communicating with Year 6 students and their families allowing a two-way relationship to be established; providing a range of information, helpful signposting and personal correspondence that helps to prepare for the future. Greenfield Community College are working hard to provide support to help young people and their families feel comfortable and an integral part of their new school

Contact with primary schools has also been an important part of the process understanding the requirements of each and every student. Students have also been offered an invitation to introduce themselves, with the opportunity to complete a welcome booklet ‘Tell us about you’ involving helpful activities to complete, based on our key Greenfield learner attributes, Responsibility, Resilience, Reflection, Creativity and Collaboration.

A special Transition Year 6 web page has been created on the Greenfield website with a bespoke welcome video. Further correspondence includes a welcome pack with individual details about their House, a letter from their tutor, the school handbook, The Achiever Newsletter and practical information such details about uniform and where to purchase. We hope to include some face to face introductions when it is safe to do so.

Please visit our website and twitter page @GreenfieldTweet for more information, and watch out for our Year 6 #transmission2020 tasks! You can contact Ms Davis or Miss Lumsdon at any point should you need any further information or would like to speak to a member of staff or have any special needs