Dear Sir,

As one of millions who went into Industry from school, assuming a life-time of work, I support the call of John Elliott MBE DL, to have manufacturing skills regenerated in Great Britain. I believe Hitachi’s supply chain will begin that process here, as will other employers attracted to share in an industrial upturn.

As a retired teacher I can vouch for the beneficial effect local manufacturing has on the expectations of pupils in schools, and it’s stimulation of the skilled jobs needed in supporting trades.

Let’s hope a positive aura glowing from Aycliffe stimulates the provision of Affordable Homes for Let & Buy, First Buy and New Buy, instead of Social Housing so many of our young folk will never qualify for under any Council’s County-Wide Letting Criterion.

A population of plus 40,000 was intended for Great Aycliffe, along with the main Industrial Estate in South Durham to provide work for upwardly mobile expectations in a ‘Northern Light’ of a New Town manufactured in a War-Depressed, Austerity Hit, Hard-Up Area.

I believe John Elliott‘s manufacturing vision has to be realised, self-survival demands it and I hope Aycliffe nurtures the green cultural shoots springing up within us.

They are lifting youthful self-esteem and instilling a laudable life-style intent.  And who knows? Through them, Great Aycliffe might become ‘GREAT!’.

Don Fraser, Woodham