in the community, with the community, for the community


From the stunning beauty of the Dales to the restored environment of the Heritage Coast, from Kynren to the Cricket World Cup fixtures, from Aycliffe Business Park to Beamish, County Durham is a gem, and the Newton News cannot understand why more businesses and tourists have not yet discovered us!

How wonderful, therefore, to see our local MP Phil Wilson hosting a #DurhamPoweredByPeople event at Westminster promoting Durham as a great place to live, work and invest. Attended by a host of luminaries, and supported by local businesses and exhibitors, the message was clear: this is a fantastic time for Durham, and everyone should take a lot of pride in all that is happening in the county right now.


… Well, with the help of Run Leader Jules Baxter! Congratulations to all those beginner runners who received their medals. In our increasingly inactive and overweight society, you are a humbling example to those of us who need to get out and do more exercise. #EmbarrassedFace !!!


Climate Change is certainly in the news nowadays – and in the Letters to the Editor!

Whilst everybody, of course, has valid points to make, what strikes the Newton News is that – even if you remain sceptical whether the planet is on the brink of an ecological apocalypse – surely nobody can suggest that it is right that we continue to plunder the world’s resources to prop up a throw-away materialism, or that we poison our air and fill our oceans with plastic trash to enhance the offshore holdings of billionaire corporations.

Neither is the argument that China isn’t doing enough a sufficient argument for inaction. The Newton News is proud to be an exemplar award-winning ‘Greener Business’, with environmentally-friendly print technology and practices, biomass energy for the entire production site, an electric van for local deliveries, solar panels and 98.6% recycling of all our waste!