Dear Sir,

In these restricted times it is amazing how kind some people are with regard to helping neighbours and generally thinking of others. My husband and I are classed as high risk and have been told by the NHS that we have to completely isolate for at least 12 weeks. As we have no family within the area many people have been in touch to offer help which is very kind. Some large firms are really helping people through these difficult times, however not all of them. Boots the Chemists are a very large firm with stores world wide and yet when I rang to ask if we could have our prescription delivered after collecting them for 40 years and using the shop for goods we were told the following:

Apparently since September last year Boots have introduced charging for delivering prescriptions. The charges are £5 for one delivery or you can choose to pay for a year in advance and get your medicines for £55!!! Big deal, a £5 reduction for a year for people in Aycliffe who have been loyal to Boots for many years this is totally disgusting. There are many people who just cannot afford to pay this for delivery and not everyone who is absolutely house bound will have someone able to collect their prescription and necessary medicine for them. I find this totally disgusting and surely such a large company can deliver vital medicines for free for those who are isolated without family to help in these strange times.

Personally I am disgusted and will as far as possible boycott Boots in future, as other chemists within Newton Aycliffe are delivering much needed critical and in some cases life saving medicines for free.

It would be interesting to have a reply from Boots and thank you and well done to other smaller Chemists in Newton Aycliffe who are really trying to help the residents in need, it will be appreciated.

Yours sincerely

A.J. Bergg Mrs.