On Monday 22nd June Woodham Dance Academy went to Birmingham to compete in the national final of the Great Big Dance Off. Both the Key Stage 3 and 4 groups qualified in the regional finals held in Newcastle in April, after impressing judges with their creativity and professionalism when performing. The dancers had a rehearsal at 12.45pm and then had some time in-between as the show did not begin till 6.30pm. Despite being a very long day the students were patient and were a real credit to Woodham Academy. The Key Stage 3 Dance Academy students were first to perform their piece, Bang Bang, which incorporated Charleston and street styles of dance. The students performed with so much energy and passion it was a real joy to watch.
The Key Stage 4 Dance Academy students danced in the second half of the show with their Dark Fairy-Tale piece, where dancers took on different characters, such as trees, wolves and little red riding hoods. This dance was choreographed by two of the students involved in the piece, Victoria Archer and Caitlin Roberts. In the regional finals the judges were very impressed with the choreography of this piece. The piece is very theatrical and the girls did it justice by truly getting into character.
It was an excellent achievement for both groups to qualify for the national finals. Overall the Key Stage 4 Dance Academy came 13th in the country and the Key Stage 3 Dance Academy came 29th. When you think of the number of school dance groups in the country, it’s undeniable that this is an exceptional achievement.

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