Dear Sir,
I was surprised and dismayed to read Cllr Phillip Hawkins’ letter in last week’s Newton News (It’s your right to refuse).
Knowing that shoplifting is a big problem in the town, his words appeared to be a rights charter for shoplifters!
Shoplifting is a crime for which we ALL pay – the shopkeepers and consumers. And, of course, there is the additional cost of police and court time.
Just recently, we read about a shoplifter, a repeat offender, who was caught thieving, again, on the day that he was released from custody.
This is business to shoplifters. They thieve to sell and to make money – more than likely to fund a drug habit.
Please don’t lecture your voters Cllr Hawkins. Shoplifters already know their rights. And if you are a law abiding citizen, of course, you would let someone search your bag.
To tell shoplifters: “Don’t allow anyone to try and intimidate you” is just crass.
I am all for citizens’ rights but, Cllr Hawkins’ comments are way off the mark, however well meaning.
Debbie Ingram
St Oswalds Court.