At the Full Council Meeting, on Wednesday 1st November, Cllr Ian Gray was presented with the Around Town Radio Show Community Award by the Mayor, Cllr Carl Robinson.
Cllr Gray accepted the award on behalf of the Tidy Ted litter pickers, a team of local volunteers who have worked diligently for many years in all weather, come rain or shine, to keep the town free from all manner of litter and debris. Tidy Ted was also in attendance but preferred to keep a low profile and left it up to members of the Tidy Ted Team, Brian Rendell and Julie Dudley, to help Cllr Gray accept the Around Town Community Award on the team’s behalf.
The members present were unanimous in their praise for the great service Tidy Ted and his team provide to the town, and the Around Town presenters Cllr’s Phill Hawkins and Andy Hill were full of praise for the great work Ted and the team do and that the community award was rightly deserved.
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