Following consultation with parents in the summer term, Woodham Burn Primary School is trialling a new school timetable.

Children are now coming into school at 8.45am, and ending the school day at 3.30pm every Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, children come to school at 8.45am, but the formal school day ends at 2pm.

In order to ensure this early finish on Fridays does not cause a problem for any family, each Friday afternoon the school offers childcare in the Ofsted ‘outstanding’ Out of School Club, or various after school clubs, and these run till 3pm.

The overall effect of the changes is that children access two extra hours of quality teaching time every week, but still have the opportunity of having a long weekend break.

This is especially popular with parents wishing to go away for the weekend and has avoided some un-authorised absences on Friday afternoons!

Teachers also benefit because they can now all take their statutory planning and preparation time (PPA) together, and are able to share good practice with colleagues.

Parents have been asked to express opinions about the new arrangements in writing to the head teacher, Mrs Edwards, by Friday 28th September, at which time the decision will be made regarding whether or not to keep the new timetable permanently.

Mrs Edwards has stated that so far, reactions to the new arrangements have been very positive, but said it is important to listen to all opinions before a final decision is made.