Dear Sir,
Having recently moved to Newton Aycliffe I was pleased to find that the town was well provided for in the supermarket department having both a Tescos and an Aldi.
I have done most of my shopping at Aldis not least because it provides a car-park for its customers. However, having done my shopping there recently and shopping around I was dismayed. not to mention boiling mad, to receive a parking fine a week later from a company called ‘Parking Eye’ who sent me a photo of my old banger along with details of when I arrived and left.
According to this letter there are signs around the car-park informing motorists that they can only stay for an hour and a half –  a fact I was oblivious to.
Perhaps the limited parking time is a well known fact to the local residents but having shopped there a few times without any problems I was certainly unaware.
So, thanks a lot Aldi! I won’t be using your car-park or shop again, nor will  (if I can help it) any of my friends or family!
Mick Ainge