We were very pleased to get to welcome Martin, from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and his dog Inka. Inka is not just an ordinary dog, Inka is a hearing dog. Martin was born deaf and uses Inka, every day, to be able to live an independent life.
Inka has been trained especially to help Martin, this could be in hearing someone at the door, the oven timer, to emergency situations like fire alarms. Martin told us how Inka has recently saved his life when he was at a hotel and there was a fire evacuation.
The dogs go through lots of training to be able to make such a difference to those who need them. Training a hearing dog starts when a puppy is just a few weeks old. Although it’s hard to believe these adorable puppies are capable of changing lives – with a bit of help (and a lot of praise and cuddles) they really do make a monumental difference to deaf people.
Please head over to their website to see all the amazing things these dogs can do and how we can support, if we can.
Thank you Martin, Inka and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, we really enjoyed your visit.