Local girl, Kayleigh Atkinson, 27 from Newton Aycliffe, has won a place in the prestigious final of Mrs Galaxy UK.

Kayleigh recently won the title of Mrs County Durham Galaxy 2018/19, meaning she will be competing in the grand final in March 2019, with women from all over the country!

Kayleigh believes that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and ages and started pageantry after losing 58lb with Weight Watchers. However Kayleigh said she was still labelled as ‘over weight’. (According to the BMI Scale), Kayleigh wanted to share her success and her love for being confident in your own skin despite what others may think, which is when she found pageantry.

Kayleigh’s platform is to promote body confidence and a healthy mindset towards dieting as well as beating mental health stigma. This is important for Kayleigh as she is a children’s nurse working in the mental health sector and is beating stigma like this daily.

Kayleigh said “pageantry is so misunderstood and I wish I could give everyone a ticket to come and see what it’s all about. Pageants are about supporting local causes, helping the community and raise money for charities that need public support. Pageants have enabled me to be the best version of myself and I love who I am today. This is all with thanks to the Galaxy Pageant system for being empowering of ‘just be you’.

Honestly, I don’t think I would have pushed myself to support charities like I have done, if it wasn’t for pageantry and I am proud to say I have raised in excess off £3,000 for charities such as Be Brave Bears, Bullies Out, The Christie Charity and a few more”.

The winner of Mrs Galaxy UK will travel to the USA with contestants from all over the world, to compete in the Mrs Galaxy International final, which is being held in the summer of 2019.

This is a chance for me to use the crown to support all my community efforts, and raise my platform even further. Winning the pageant would work as my partner in crime to stamp out pageant stigma and continue all the hard work, passion and commitment for the system that I have demonstrated so far.

The international final is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will be a truly amazing experience. The UK has enjoyed some amazing success at the Galaxy International Pageant with them winning an international crown 9 times and had placements in every division for the past 4 years!

If you would like to come along or you are interested in pageants yourself, then here are the details: The final is being held in March 2019 at Park Hall Hotel, Lancashire and is set to be an exciting and glamorous event! Early bird tickets are out now at £25 and can be purchased from the Galaxy Pageant website.


So if you are a local business, have an event coming up, or interested in pageantry, please get in touch and I would be happy to support in anyway I can! Visit my facebook page

Kayleigh Atkinson Mrs County Durham Galaxy 2018/19 and follow my pageant journey

Thank you

Kayleigh Atkinson

“Never give up on your dream, it doesn’t have an expiry date”.

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