Dear Sir,

Vince Crosby says that by not living in the Sedgefield constituency area it can’t make you a good MP, unfortunately we have an MP who supposedly does live in the area and cannot support the majority of the constituents that he has now.

Phil Wilson is our ‘Invisible MP’, who will not correspond with people, I contacted him four times and I am still waiting for a reply, and as for his office, I have passed it quite a few times only to find it closed and a notice with a telephone number if you want to contact him.

We now find he is being advised by our previous runaway PM and MP and, according to Sunday’s press, he has signed up to a sort of stay charter without telling his constituents, but still tells us he is trying to find a deal to suit us.

He was absent from the gathering of Labour party canvassing in Newton Aycliffe last Sunday, apparently, I was told he was away at Whitby.

I spoke to four people, one said he did not know of him but was there to try and get a new Labour in government, another seemed not amused when I mentioned Tony Blair’s name in connection to Mr. Wilson, but showed no support for him. Of the other two, one was trying to give out leaflets and was having no success in anyone talking to them and the other person I spoke to had a lot to say for the Labour party, but not for Mr. Wilson, but he was the one who told me where he was, but not why he was not there to meet his constituents.

It seemed to me that they were there to sell the Labour party as maybe they now realise he may not get re-elected.

As for the distance they live in the Sedgfield constituency, Darlington is a stones throw away. I would think that anyone with any sense would realise that the Tory, future, prospective MP, would give these up to get the job done for them.

Mr Crosby is a bit hypocritical as he had seven things on the go at one time.

I think we can now accept that Mr. Wilson is not going to listen or talk face to face to his constituents, but act as an independent person who is going to push for what he dictates to us and not what we want.

Use your vote right, vote Conservative and let’s get democracy back to our area.

John Armstrong

Defoe Crescent