Dear Sir

I read with much bemusement Ken Robinsons letter in Newton News dated. 22nd September as it echoes my letter from the previous week regarding the stink that emanates from it.

Have GATC no shame and are resorting to pathetic excuses that they won’t drain it because people will complain about the smell!

Well, stop the press GATC, people are already complaining about the smell because you are using every poor excuse in the book to wash your hands of your responsibilities.

I did receive a reply to my complaint and invited to meet a member of GATC in West Park so they could show me the ‘Good Things’ they are doing.

Unfortunately, they decided to blacklist my email address so I couldn’t reply back. A check with my service provider confirmed the block was placed at the Town Council’s end, my email address works fine everywhere else.

It seems that they may be afraid that I’ll say I’m not interested in self promotion on their behalf, I want answers as to why they are backheeling their responsibility to the wildlife who make our Lake their home.

The same council could have repaired the long failed valve that could recirculate water through the Lake which would self clean it BUT NO, they waste money on an unwanted path that wasn’t wanted or needed, a clean lake was.

The bad publicity will not go away, the council need to take their head out of the sand.

All residents want to see the Lake back to its former glory, not a stinking cesspit not fit for our beloved Swans, Ducks, Waterhens and Geese.

Wake up GATC, or your inaction will haunt you come the next election!

Darran Weston, Whinlatter Place


Town Council Replies . . .

Following Mr Weston’s initial letter to the Newton News, an e-mail contact was made advising that the Council’s Works and Environment Manager would contact Mr Weston to arrange a meeting. This duly took place.

Unfortunately, the e-mail reply from Mr Weston was not received as the Council’s spam system was recently upgraded following high profile breaches in the public sector. As a result, all g-mail accounts were blocked by the system, including those of some of the Town Councillors. This coincided with the time that Mr Weston’s reply was probably sent.

This temporary issue was rectified and g-mail addresses are now accepted by the Council’s systems.

The Council Offices are contactable by telephone and officers are always happy to talk to residents via telephone to arrange appointments, visits or meetings.

The Works and Environment Manager will be back in contact with Mr Weston to arrange a meeting to discuss his concerns.