On Sunday’s Around Town we were pleased to welcome to the show Women’s Guidance Counsellor Karen, along with Matt and Tina from Space to Thrive Health and Fitness, it was good to have them back in the studio with us. During the show we were able to discuss many of the issues facing families with busy hectic lifestyles and the effects this can have on people’s health and well-being.
Modern day living brings with it all kinds of pressures and constraints of balancing work and family life and trying to find the time and energy to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Taking care of your own health needs isn’t always easy when you have family and commitments to consider, so finding the time to be health conscious can sometimes be difficult, if not impossible. One of the many topics discussed on the show was the need for us all to learn how to be a lot kinder to ourselves, and listen to our body as a way of improving our physical health, and our mental and emotional well-being.
We were able to discuss at length how our bodies constantly provide us with information about our health and wellness, and being able to see our bodies as a whole unit, interconnected mentally and physically, helps make it easier to recognise the signals of feeling fit and healthy, or that something is wrong. It’s now an accepted medical fact that our psychology becomes our biology, how and what we think has a direct impact on the physical body. Our thoughts, and even the language we use has a direct effect on our bodies, so by changing the way we think about ourselves and our health, can have a major positive impact on our lives.
Phill & Andy