For my first blog of 2022 and as always it’s busy all year round, we admit poorly hedgehogs for the full 12 months of the year it has become the norm, baby hogs or very small ones have been coming in since last September. These hogs are far too small for hibernation so they need bringing into the warm where they will remain till spring.
I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this rescue, June who has always been on hand to help me when I am doing fairs, also for her very kind donation to help with her rescued hog, Angel. Lesley and Steve for their card and donation, Margaret for her donation for little Ian, Valerie for knitting lovely animals, Susan for making fabric animals. I would love to thank everyone but my list gets longer and longer, Denise for looking after Grace and Hermione, Peter and Terri who look after their own hog Henry, under my guidance. He would have certainly died had they not taken him in.
We also did our first raffle, every winner got their prizes for Christmas, thank you everyone for your support.
I would like to introduce to you all the littlest member of Prickly Haven, she is called Mitzi, I would like you to follow her recovery through the next few weeks and watch how she blossoms, she came in at a very tiny 137 grams in November, believe it or not, she is now 250 grams, she would have made an easy target for predators had Josephine not brought her in, she had an upset tummy but went on to show symptoms of mange and ringworm. The majority of her spines and hair have now, as you can see, gone but they will grow back, she will be safe here till she recovers. All hedgehogs in Rescue won’t be released till spring, if they have come from a place of danger they won’t go back there, we have release sites for all of these beautiful mammals where they can grow and be safe too.
I would like to wish everyone who takes the time and trouble to read this blog a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022.
The British Hedgehog Preservation Society are still taking calls on 01584 890801 if you need any help. We have our own Facebook Page Prickly Haven Hedgehog Hotel or email: