Dear Sir,
I read the article in 1st July edition, attracted by the headline above, only to be dismayed at the absence of any reconciliatory comments.
Like our MP, and probably the majority of the electorate, I have concerns about the future of our country and indeed the world.
However, comments like ‘half baked lies’ and ‘wanton mistruths’, hardly inspires any healing. Likewise, ‘hold the campaigners feet to the fire’ is particularly offensive, especially when we live in an anxious environment caused by terrorism and general safety concerns.
Unfortunately, Mr Wilson, like the rest of the Establishment, don’t like losing and think they can bully the average citizen in the way his provocative language implies.
Whatever his personal stance, his job and duty is to accept the decision of the people of the United Kingdom and work with the Government while in Opposition to deliver our future.
Yours faithfully
Gerald McGill