Tree Planting
You are cordially invited to help plant 325 trees in Heighington Sports Field, meeting at 10.00am on Sunday 7th April.
The trees in the form of small whips were given to me by Darlington Borough Council together with support canes and protectors and, Heighington Parish Council have granted permission for the whips to be planted in our Sports Field. My son Alexander, his wife Alison and I, planted 75 on Easter Monday in the pouring rain to see how easy it will be and I can confirm that it is straight forward and quick.
It would be good to bring your children and grandchildren to help as I know they will appreciate being involved in planting small trees which will grow into something magnificent, which will help fight climate change and at the same time increase the bio-diversity that is currently dwindling.
Currently it has been estimated that there are 213 million tonnes of carbon locked up in living trees in the UK so, with time after we have planted our trees there will be 213 million tonnes plus.
Wrap up to keep yourselves warm and dry, put on a pair of stout boots or Wellington’s, bring your own spade and plant for the world.
Thank you
Councillor Gerald Lee