Dear Sir,

With Polling Day just around the corner, we’d like to take this opportunity to reach out to you all one last time.

Obviously there’s been a lot written in these pages over the last month or so, possibly too much, and we are both very pleased that these elections only come round every four years.

What we would like to do is reassure the townsfolk that we have no plans at all to cut services or events. The Santa Tours will not only continue but they will be supplemented by extra events such as the well supported and very popular ‘Santa Drive Thru’ that my wife and I ran in Tesco car park last year and the amazing Grotto that we organised in the Police Shop in 2019.

The OAP’s Coach Trips will also continue as will the annual Firework Display and we intend to bring back some old favourites like the summer Carnival, and, if possible, will have boats back on the Boating Lake, as well as new attractions, working with local organisations, like ‘a Music Festival’ an outdoor event to rival the ones at Hardwick and Shildon.

Don’t fall for the lies, we give you our personal assurances that we intend to make this Town great again and restore the faith you’ve lost in Councillors who only pop up at election time.

Neville & Joanne Jones (AKA Mr & Mrs Claus)