Dear Sir,
Thank you for publishing last month’s article regarding my son, Oliver Gibson’s, first public performance at the Steam Machine Brewery.
As expected, he returned for a second crack at the whip on Thursday 9th November for this months ‘Blues at the Brewery’ open mic night hosted by the fantastic Gary Grainger.
Things were a little different this time, as he did not have the comfort of being supported by someone of a similar age range, instead, he was in the presence of some great local musicians well beyond his age range. Not deterred by this, he soon got talking and made arrangements to perform once again.
Being a bassist, it’s much better to have the support of other musicians, and that came to him when Mr. Grainger invited Oliver to play alongside him in his blues set, which was totally impromptu for Oliver, but, without hesitation, he took up the offer and stepped up onto the stage, plugged in, readied himself and, with a subtle bit of guidance from Mr. Grainger, he performed live for the second time in his life.
He confidently played his way through the set, ignoring the slight mistakes and enjoying the moment for what it is, a great night of live music in the presence of some great people.
Once again, I would like to thank all at the Steam Machine Brewery for providing such a great night of live music and a platform for my teenage son to cut his teeth on. But, most of all, I would like to thank Mr. Gary Grainger whose wit and skill is most inspirational. It was another great night of live music indeed, something our town should support and embrace, what more could you ask for, great venue, great location, great people, great music with plenty of great food and drink.
Eagerly looking forward to the next ‘Blues at the Brewery’…and the next. So on, and so forth.
Bill Gibson