Dear Sir,
I am very grateful for your invitation to write to Newton News prior to my retirement as a Police Officer at the end of November.
Having served my first seven years with Cleveland Police I had the opportunity to transfer to Durham Constabulary in 1996. I was posted to Newton Aycliffe Town Office and commenced working as a Core Shift Officer.
As a local lad I was already familiar with the Great Aycliffe Parish area and immediately enjoyed meeting local people and serving the community by way of policing.
In 1999 the Constabulary commenced its commitment to provide local beat officers to patrol within certain ward area and I was selected to work in the Neville/Simpasture area which included Aycliffe Village and The Business Park.
Walking my ‘beat’ has always given me the greatest job satisfaction. The support and co-operation I have received from the community, partner agencies, local schools, councils, councillors and wardens has always been very much appreciated.
I believe we have all worked together for the same aim, to maintain a good quality of life in this area and to keep our communities safe for the present and future. Our regular PACT meetings have provided a forum to discuss community concerns and in partnership we have solved many of these problems together.
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the community of Newton Aycliffe and Aycliffe Village and also to my colleagues and friends of Durham Constabulary.
Best Wishes
PC Alan Thompson
Neighbourhood Police Team
Newton Aycliffe