Once again St. Andrew’s Church at Aycliffe Village throws open the doors each Thursday – 2 to 4pm, starting in May and until the end of September.
If like many you have passed through the village, noticed the church and said you must visit that old church – now is your chance, it is a lovely church; I can assure you.
The original church was built in Saxon times and much of the Saxon stonework is still visible. There are few finer places to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, in pleasant surroundings than this beautiful old church of St. Andrew’s.
Take time to look at some of the old tombstones in the old churchyard while you are here or simply steep yourself in the history of the church and its parish.
Stewards will be available to answer any questions or give you a guided tour. Group visits can be arranged at other times.
For more information contact D. Herbert 01235 300040