Dear Sir,

The Supreme Court instructed Parliament to hold a ‘meaningful’ vote on any Brexit deal.

However, when the deal was put before the House on Saturday the Speaker, unilaterally, (and vexatiously) chose an Amendment which rendered the vote meaningless. The Supreme Court ruling applied to the whole of Parliament, including the Speaker. He is in contempt of the Court, as is our MP and all the other Remain MPs who voted for the ‘Letwin’ Amendment. Why is nobody challenging the Speaker’s action in Court? Gina Millar, where are you when Democracy, again, needs defending?

Remain supporters held a rally on Saturday in London which attracted, they say, circa. 1m demonstrators. The Leave MAJORITY VOTE was more than that! However, we now know it was just ‘cover’ for extremist thugs to threaten Leave supporting MPs going home after the sitting. The Judiciary, and moderate Remain voters who believe in Democracy, should realise that they are being cynically ‘used’ by extremists to thwart the Democratic will of the People. This is not free speech, or freedom of expression; it is outright thuggery which extremist Remain supporters will increasingly employ against those they regard as ‘morons’ for voting Leave.

Further, the Supreme Court ruling has set a precedent about ‘meaningful’ votes on Referenda results. Will the SNP be so enamoured with the ruling and with the Speaker’s actions, when a ‘meaningful’ vote in Parliament overturns the result of the next Scottish Independence Referendum?

Our MP and his Momentum/Labour Sedgefield Constituency Party must now decide whether they are willing to allow the Brexit divide to fester, with increasing escalation from Remain extremists. If not, then our MP should act honourably and in according with proper Parliamentary Procedure and support the Revocation of Article 50 and facilitate an immediate General Election. This will allow the electorate to elect MPs who, by their behaviour in this Parliament, have shown whether they believe in democracy or not.

Leave voters will then be able to rid themselves of their current ‘representatives’ who have crossed The House, (some twice) and, in the case of our Constituency MP, has not kept his personal eve-of-election promises and who is in denial of the wishes of 59%+ of his electorate, with whom he has refused, time and time again, to compromise with. If you have tried to contact our MP by e-mail, don’t hold your breath awaiting a reply. He appears to have gone to ground. Is he in the process of de-selection by Momentum for his stance against anti-Semitism? His electorate are entitled to be told.

Yours sincerely,

Alastair P.G. Welsh