Dear Sir,
This year we have been racing at different tracks across the UK, focusing on the NKC Championship, taking us to Three Sisters, Rowrah, Whilton Mill, Mansell Raceway and Clay Pigeon Raceway.
Seb Corking has had three wins, two second places and a 4th place, due to a red flag that stopped the race. He scored the most points across all of the classes at the age of 12.
Recently, Seb raced at Clay Pigeon Raceway down in Dorchester. We went into this with an 11 point lead, so it was all the drive for.
He knew what he needed to do, be sensible, drive like he normally does, but he knew he didn’t need to push as hard as the driver in P2 of the championship.
He put his head down in all heats and in the final he came over the line in P2. This meant that he was the National Karting Championship Winner in Mini Max 2023 – Seb is also the last ever championship winner in Mini Max, as the class changes for next year.
We are beyond proud of him and we would like to thank everyone who has supported Seb in 2023, his team manager, Louis Large and Darren Large of LRG Motorsport as well as all his other team mates.
Next year Seb moves to Junior Rotax and we are looking for businesses to support Seb in his first year in this class. Can you help him secure his sixth championship win?
Can you be his tyre sponsor? Team sponsor? Fuel sponsor? In return we will advertise your business on all our social media posts, newspaper articles, his races are all on YouTube, so will be advertised there too.
Any interviews Seb gives you will get a mention and any other opportunities that arise.
If you can help him, contact me on:
Mandy Littler