Dear Sir,
No doubt many will remember the early days of the Scout Supporters Association in Newton Aycliffe and the building of the Scout Centre.
Syd Howarth was the first Chairman of the Committee, as I recall, and the building was built and run for the benefit of the Scouting Organisations on the Town.
I find it incredulous that the current Committee has given the scouts notice to leave, especially when the stated objects with the Charity Commission are for the supporting of Scouting activities and community events.
When I was Treasurer of the Association there was limited opening of the bar to members on week nights, when the scouts were meeting, it did not open till 9.00pm.
I would be interested to know if the current Committee will provide a satisfactory answer to the eviction, will they be advising the Charity Commission of the new status of the Association and will Great Aycliffe Town Council be increasing the rateable value of the property because it seems the activities will be almost purely commercial?
David Robson
Zetland Hunt