Dear Sir,
A few weeks ago a person listed a series of questions and you asked if any readers would like to contribute in a similar manner, well, what do you think about the following?
After reading the article concerning the forthcoming European Election I came up with the following:-
1) What gives any person the right to say “it is essential, whatever your political opinions that we elect Labour MEP’s”?
2)  How can anyone respect an elected organisation who is wasteful on a tremendous scale and issues Directives in conflict with British Law?
3) Why has it been impossible for the European Parliament to have it’s financial affairs “signed off” after eighteen years or so?
4) When can we expect to see evidence of satisfactory book-keeping and auditing by this well staffed and presumably qualified, experienced team?
5) Who will provide answers to these questions?
Perhaps John D. Clare after consultations with our current MEP’s will do so . . . I thought in a democracy an individual voted according to personal wishes and freedom of choice NOT by a directive or order by another.
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