“How many ways do we say it’s OK?”

Selfishness knows no bounds and the selfish person sets no limitations to their actions. They will do whatever we allow them to do. What we condone will continue for there are no reasons for them to change, their selfish actions gets them what they want. We each have a responsibility, a duty of care, to protect our health and wellbeing which requires us to have a clear understanding of our self worth. How many ways do we give permission for others to do what they do? How many ways do we condone another’s actions while complaining about their lack of thought and selfishness? Without saying it’s OK we give our approval in so many different ways. When someone offends us and we ignore it, we condone their behaviour. When we resent what they do, yet make excuses for them, we are justifying their behaviour. When we turn a blind eye to their insensitivity, we are giving them permission to be selfish and thoughtless. If we blame ourselves for their actions, we free them from personal responsibility. When we accept responsibility for their bad behaviour, we take away their need for self control. When we choose to carry the consequences of their actions, we rob them of the ability to stand on their own feet. When we avoid confrontation for the sake of an easy life, we make life easy for everyone but ourselves, and then carry the burden of misplaced guilt. Allowing ourselves to be victims, we are saying it’s acceptable to be used and abused, and sanction the things they do. We may resent the way they are without realising we have given them permission and said its ok in so many ways.