Dear Sir,

I would like to congratulate the Newton News for reporting the range of good work that goes on in our area, ranging from community support groups, schools and employers. I always look forward to reading the good news and like to see readers’ letters.

Last Autumn many letters were about Brexit and the General Election, many voters took the opportunity to do what some MPs wouldn’t do. Made a decision on Brexit – “leave means leave.” The people used their collective power by voting pro-Brexit. Now we are living through a pandemic.

My heart goes out to NHS staff, working with patients infected with a highly contagious killer disease. As they make their way home after an emotionally draining, 12 hour shift, it must be so disheartening to see people who disregard the measures needed to stop the spread of Covid-19.

In the first Coronavirus briefing, back in March, the Prime Minister stated that we were faced with a new virus, no known treatment and no cure. Measures needed to combat the disease would have to be based on scientific and medical evidence.

Responses to advice would be a balance between health and economy, and it was likely things would change as we learn more. It is very negative to label these responses as u-turns.

This is a time when everyone needs to pull together. The Government, scientists and NHS staff can’t stop a virus which spreads by person to person contact. WE CAN.

Like Brexit, the power is literally in the hands of the people.