We all keep getting bombarded from “they who know best” (whoever THEY might be!) with instructions to “Keep Fit”, “Loose Weight”, “Exercise More”, “Eat Less”, “Eat Five A Day” and so it goes on endlessly.

Well here’s one solution which may go some way to helping you all achieve some of these aspirations and maybe get a little enjoyment as well. Some very valuable allotment plots will shortly be available at Middridge allotments on Middridge Lane just to the west of Middridge Village.

As I’m sure you already know growing your own food is not just great fun in itself but it’s very rewarding and satisfying. And my, you don’t half get some great tasting veggies!

If you’re interested in taking on a plot (you’ve got to be pretty determined) please get in touch with either John or Kathy on 01325 319638.