We WILL make this one of the best Christmases ever,

Whether or not we are together,

If not, we’ll do our best,

To bridge the miles will be our quest.

Can we watch, thanks to face time,

When you open your gifts while sipping some wine?

Share the jokes in our crackers?

They’re all so corny but does that matter?

Is that a new dress, lucky girl,

Looks so pretty – give us a twirl!

Can we manage some virtual charades?

Yes, later when we’ve had our Christmas pud or some roulade.

Did Santa bring you all those toys?

My you are a lucky boy!

Thank you for my lovely gift,

You must have known it was my wish.

Well, it’s been lovely seeing you,

But now it’s time to make a brew.

We’re quite tired out dancing around,

But we’re so glad that we all found,

A way to be together,

And we didn’t have to go out in such cold weather.

Stay safe, God Bless and be strong,

Next year we’ll all be together where we belong. MMK 2020