You Have a Real Opportunity for Change

Dear Sir,

I hope that Arun Chandran’s prediction for the 2019 election results is what actually happens and would endorse his view that it is only with a Conservative vote that you have any chance of getting a Sedgefield MP who supports Brexit.

Arun refers to holding his nose and voting Conservative. I hope we can give him a candidate that means this isn’t necessary and he can vote with a free conscience, however I also wonder how many Labour voters have the same dilemma? Assuming Phil Wilson stands, he professes anti-Corbyn and anti-Brexit positions that are surely against a significant number of local Labour activists – how many of them will hold their noses?

At the 2017 election, the Conservatives got almost 10 times as many votes as UKIP and even in 2015 at UKIP’s peak, Conservatives were still almost double UKIP.

The latest election polls are showing Conservatives within 0.4% of Labour in Sedgefield.

With Conservatives being elected in Aycliffe and Sedgefield at the last Durham County Council elections and all of the Darlington council wards that are part of Sedgefield constituency going 100% Conservative in May, it is no longer a given that Sedgefield votes Labour.

As long as Conservatives and anyone who supports Brexit come out and vote Conservative, there is a real opportunity to remove an MP who has totally ignored the clear wish of his constituents and has been a lead player in frustrating the Brexit process.

I would encourage everyone to vote Conservative for an MP who will deliver Brexit and actually support their constituents.

Paul Howell

South Durham Conservatives