The County Durham Resilience service has supported 1,413 people across the county since its initial launch in April 2021. Working closely with people who may feel lonely, socially isolated or those experiencing mental health difficulties, County Durham Resilience service helps people build their resilience, increases their confidence, and connects them to other community services.
Lorraine has accessed the County Durham Resilience service and has found the support has helped with her confidence. She said: “Since I met my resilience worker, she has given me back so much of my confidence. I was put in touch with the service earlier last year, and my resilience has grown so much, to the point where I now no longer need my talking therapy as the service has given me so much belief and help with everything, even to use my walker. Each session, I look forward to meeting with the team as I enjoy the sessions and can feel myself becoming more confident with every meeting. It has been the best thing for me, I cannot recommend the service enough for people who may be lacking in confidence, feel isolated or struggle with their mental wellbeing. They have put me on the road of better thinking, which is what I needed, and the whole team is so lovely and it is a marvellous service and asset for County Durham.”
The service will continue to evolve in the future, based on the needs of the community and help as many people as possible, by listening, supporting and connecting people across the county. One-to-one, telephone, virtual and group-based support is available over approximately twelve sessions.
The County Durham Resilience service is a community mental health service for adults (18 years +) with the aim to build resilience within communities in County Durham. The service is managed by Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP) and Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust.
If you need emotional wellbeing support and want help to boost your resilience, you can contact the County Durham Resilience service on email:
or visit their webpage: