Just to introduce myself again. My name is Jess Webb and I am gaining some experience before starting journalism at university, by interviewing Key Workers from our town and to thank them for their great work and ask how they got into their position.

Therefore another key worker who deserves to be recognised and celebrated for their hard work is Abbi Turnbull.

Abbi reports to be close to finishing her first year as a student paramedic. The qualification entails 2 years of training with a mixture of classroom hours, placement hours as well as coursework and exams.

She informed me her job consists of working alongside a mentor while responding to 999 emergency calls. This job is important to society to ensure people are provided with the appropriate pre-hospital care in emergencies and transported to hospital.

Abbi said she previously worked in the towns leisure centre as a lifeguard and leisure attendant. She says that job gave her a great deal of inspiration and confidence to do her current job.

The qualities and skills that are required in Abbi’s job include:

* great people skills;

* being adaptable;

* quick thinker and learner;

* open minded and;

* being able to work under pressure.

Abbi said you must also have a wide range of knowledge in lots of areas such as:

* medical issues;

* mental health;

* peoples wellbeing;

* safeguarding.

When asked what Abbi likes most about her job, she replied “I love how there are lots of challenges and every situation is different so there is constant learning. The job keeps you on your toes from start to finish and I love the amount of amazing people I meet every day”

However, when she was asked what she least likes, her response was “There is not much I don’t like about my job really, other than how tiring it can be at times as we work long hours. I find it hard when doing 12 hours shifts in a row to keep in contact with my family and friends throughout those days.”

It is essential to have a positive work-life balance and have time to relax in a job as stressful as Abbi’s. In her spare time, Abbi enjoys keeping fit, walking her dog Bruce and spending time with her family and friends. Abbi’s favourite food is Chinese and of course chocolate for a work-break snack!

I am sure you would like to join me, in showing Abbi some respect for what she is doing in this difficult time and thank her for her great work. Thanks Abbi.