Dear Sir,
Myself and other neighbours have come to the conclusion that Crosby Road is now the new dog walk, all of my family own dogs and we are all dog lovers, but, there are a few who are not responsible dog owners.
The majority of dog owners we know are, but we had an encounter with one owner, who had no control over his two big dogs. My husband, who had come home from hospital and was not well, was told by this irresponsible owner to shut his car door, which was on our drive, as the dogs will jump in.
We suggested he put his dogs on a lead, which he didn’t, then one jumped at me as I was standing at the gate, he still did not leash his dogs. They were running over plants, he had no control, the response was a one fingered rude signal. This person had no control and he let his dogs run wild.
There are no bad dogs, just bad owners, a child would have stood no chance.
Name and address supplied