Dear Sir,

Over the last few weeks I’ve been going around delivering leaflets and canvassing for both the Woodham By-Election and to listen to people’s views across the whole of the County Electoral Division.

I’ve had to report dozens of different issues in the area, but one jumped out at me particularly. Ever since the streetlights were removed by the County Council on Burnhill Way in Woodham, residents have had to walk in the dark.

It was a crazy decision to do what they did and to make matters worse the footpath has become more and more overgrown, to the point where in places it is three feet narrower than it should be.

To see how bad it was I went out with a spade, dug it back and arranged for a photo to be sent to the County Council. I’m delighted to be able to report that they have committed to clearing the footpath back to its full and proper width.

I’d really like to find a way to get the lights reinstated but I expect that will take a bit longer! At least in the near future we won’t have to worry about getting our feet covered in mud once the path is cut back.

This is one of many issues which I would have hoped would be dealt with in our area without the need for me to report it. Others include rotting flytipping on some of our estates, overflowing bins and footpaths breaking up so badly you can pick up pieces of them.

It was really concerning to find dumped fridges and freezers, which I have also reported, as they can be dangerous if children play with them and get stuck inside.

It is for these, and so many other reasons – including our unfair council tax – that I am standing for the Town Council and hope to be able to get elected to the County Council too.

I think we’ve been let down by many local politicians – and some who don’t even live here.

I simply want to try and improve our area for everyone. I really don’t mind which way my fellow residents in Woodham normally vote. I just hope people will back me in the Woodham By-Election on March 5th so I can start to fix local problems and make our area a better place in which to live.

Kind regards

Michael Stead