Dear Sir,

I write to you to try to highlight the unfair restrictions on camping/campers – people can go to the pub and get sloshed, ignoring any notice of the dangerous spreading of the Covid-19 virus, yet we are two campers in a fully equipped vehicle, in our own bubble, including toilet facilities and shower.

When we are camping, even on sites, we do not encroach onto others, most campers are respectful of the other campers space. So, why is it that this Prime Minister has restricted us to home, yet people are getting on planes, where the air is contaminated by hundreds of passengers – it is not fair?

If there is a Councillor in Aycliffe reading this article who can give me advice to be able to contact ‘our Boris’, to put it to him about our lock-down, I would be very grateful.

We are losing lots of money having our vehicles parked up, I have a very expensive motor home on my drive, which has to be insured, regardless of Covid-19, for my own peace of mind it is covered for all eventualities/risks. It would be nice for a politician to talk to me and maybe get a chance to contact the Prime Minister about this injustice, so campers in the area get shouting and help me get us unleashed.

It is not fair.

Name and address supplied