I hope that everybody found the first hog blog helpful and enjoyed reading about our wonderful prickly pals. Before I go any further there are people I would like to thank for their generosity, these rescue centres, including NASSL have to financially sustain themselves so fundraising is of paramount importance especially at this time of year because rescued hedgehogs need to stay with us till the spring. Mr and Mrs Gibson, Honest John and Valerie, Eddie of Macmillan Road for his donation of Brambles Hedgehog Food, the ladies in the Tesco Fuel Station for saving their daily papers for bedding along with Pat Lee of Shildon.

At the moment we are receiving calls about hedgehogs out during the day and very small hedgehogs need to be a certain weight to survive hibernation, if you think a hedgehog is in trouble seek advice, British Hedgehog Preservation Society have a rehabbers list of telephone numbers. However, over the next few weeks, we will be fundraising at the local Christmas Fairs, the first one is at Neville Parade Methodist Church on the 9th November and the Community Spirit Craft and Trade Fair on the 23rd November, we will have information leaflets and can hopefully answer any questions you may have, so please come and see us you might even fancy a Christmas treat off our stalls.

In the rescue we have all girls, Cindi, Marti and our new arrival Hattie, we will be keeping them indoors till spring and any health issues can be dealt with here, however, we have lost hedgehogs, babies too, which are very distressing for us to witness, if members of the public take simple steps this can be avoided. Firstly, Slug Pellets, Football nets, in fact any netting, constriction injuries are lethal, even more importantly STOP RAT POISONS. I was in the unfortunate position to have one in the rescue recently, she had an appointment to see the vet but when I went to collect her to take her she had died, she was very small too, she was picked up in the Gilpin Road, Neville Parade area. Thank you all for your cooperation.


Aycliffe Rescue Centre.