I have admitted some very poorly hedgies this week so I want to thank Lucy for bringing me Bonnie who was limping, she has hurt her back paw, it’s very swollen but she is resting on a heat pad and comfy bedding to ease the discomfort she is feeling, trouble is, it’s baby season and there’s no way to ascertain if she is carrying hoglets, I will watch and wait to see what happens.
This next admission is a little more upsetting, I received a phone call from Dave, he said his wife Sue was playing golf and discovered a poorly hedgehog out on the fairway, it was suggested that he or she be left there for nature to take its course, of course Sue and her husband sent for me immediately. We went to find this hedgehog which is in fact a beautiful little girl, the poor soul hurt not only one of her paws but all of them, they are so swollen. Should she have met with a predator she couldn’t defend herself. It doesn’t bear thinking about what her demise would have been had Sue left her out there, cold, alone, hungry and defenceless, firstly the flies would have laid their eggs on her, which hatch into maggots, they eat their host, dead or alive, then we have crows and magpies that would also have had a peck at her, etc, etc. A massive thank you to Sue and Dave, she is here, comfy and warm, out of harms way and is on antibiotics for her wounds, time, warmth, love and care is now essential.
Can I remind readers that it is a criminal offence to be cruel to a wild animal, leaving her, as suggested, would have been cruel, these precious creatures do no harm, what has happened here is she was hungry, the ground has been hard, no rain so no food, she didn’t deserve such hostility, she wanted to eat, that’s all! She has food in abundance here with me, my family and other poorly hedgehogs, please wish her good health.
All our rescuers work hard and tirelessly to help these lovely mammals, devotion is limitless, also tears are shed when we lose one, we see the harder part of their existence, all we ask is to show them kindness.
Tip of the week, should you find a hedgehog out during the day he or she needs help quickly, please ring The British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801, They are a protected and endangered species let’s all help them.
Thank you.