Tara and I have heard it’s going to be a very nice weekend and a good year weather wise and hopefully a Covid free one too. We will be very shortly releasing all Rescue Hedgehogs, if they were found in a unsafe place they won’t be returned there. They will go somewhere to thrive and increase our hedgehog population, they are a protected and endangered species, we have to try harder to help them too, they have a lot going against them.

Last Friday evening we received a phone call from our relation Billy, his sister Josephine and her neighbour discovered a little hedgehog out during the day, they picked her up and took her to the nearest vet, the vet in question removed ticks from this little girl and handed her back to the finder, this is not supposed to happen! The vets have a duty of care to this little hog, she needed a rescue centre without delay. Because of Josephine and neighbours quick thinking I became involved and, because we are full, Dawn at Prickly Problem came to Aycliffe and took her back with her, she was diagnosed with Lungworm and still had several ticks to be removed, but our centres are equipped with all medications and antibiotics to treat as soon as we get them. The sooner we act, the better chance of survival. Dawn is an exceptional BHPS rehabber and this beautiful little girl is a delightful juvenile at a mere 265 grams, she is doing really well and can stay with her till the weather gets better and she is much bigger.

Also admitted with a nasty wound last week, now named Katie (pictured), was brought in by Clive and Valentine, her wound is improving, still on antibiotics but enjoying being safe, warm and comfy, all treatment done here, no vet visit has been necessary, she is also a lovely girl, gaining weight too.

We need to thank Paul again for publishing this blog, also some wonderful people for purchasing items kindly made and donated by June, she is doing well for us. Sonia for her continued support and Eddie for stopping by and buying our little hedgehog gift boxes with a very helpful donation too, Bethany and her mum for making and selling bandanas from our Cobblers Hall vets. a young lady called Bethany Stacy for her hedgehog embroideries and finally Val who knits gorgeous baby knitwear including Pom Pom Hats.

Weekly tip: We have a Facebook page Prickly Haven Hedgehog Hotel, also BHPS can be contacted during office hours on 01584 890801 or our email Prickly Haven: pricklyhaven@yahoo.com