National Science week was 11th-20th March 2022 and this year’s concept was growth. Even in the last few decades, science and technology have grown massively, and continue to change and shape our future. Therefore, it seemed appropriate to investigate growth in our local education establishments.
Woodham Academy worked with a number of primary schools including Vane Road, Woodham Burn, Stephenson Way, Aycliffe Village, Heighington and Byerley Park during the week, to encourage local children to think about what growth means to them.
In a competition that would rival The Apprentice, winners were gifted Easter eggs. Congratulations were extended to all the students, ranging from 5-11, who took part in the event. All work produced was of a high quality and deserved commendation.
Woodham Academy alumni also broadcast talks with live question and answer sessions, about growth in the industries that they have gone to work in since leaving secondary school. Ryan Metcalfe, one of the key speakers during Science Week, spoke about growth in his company, Pre Vue, and the growth in virtual reality companies, mentoring students on computer design programs.
Woodham Academy has strong links with the surrounding primary schools within Newton Aycliffe, with all establishments working together to develop and promote Science throughout the town making it hub for Science learning.
Photo: Stephenson Way.