I hope that last weeks hog blog was informative for you all. If I can remind everyone of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society telephone number 01584 890801, they provide help, information and literature for anybody who wants to learn more about how to help these wonderful mammals including gardening tips etc. We are still finding some little hedgehogs out and about which is quite unusual, a little female 300g was picked up by Karen on Sunday morning and taken to rescue, speedy recovery wishes sent to her.

This week I would like you to meet Hagrid, he came into our rescue with his three sisters Hermione, Hazel and Hester last Autumn, he was a baby only 167grams, he is our gentle giant now at just over 1000g, he likes to wander around his surroundings when the bed and food are being changed. I want to thank Ian for bringing the litter to me in such a lovely healthy condition, the whole litter will be released together in the spring along with Hermione who has gone from strength to strength at 800g, a true survivor.

I would like to mention and thank Eddie who has donated some Brambles hedgehog meat and biscuits, Hagrid and Hermione love it and it also is very low in fat and nutritious, no pre release diets needed this year!

Finally, there is a new hedgehog street app which is also a good source of information for everyone.

Maxine and Viv

Aycliffe Rescue Centre