On Saturday, 30th October 2021, I had the great pleasure of attending the Order of St John of Jerusalem and St John Ambulance, Annual Service of Commemoration and Rededication at Durham Cathedral, with my husband and sons, to watch my parents be presented with long service awards for their service to the St. John Ambulance.
My parents were presented with four gold bars each for their years of service, by Mr. J Michael Pool, Her Majesty’s Vice Lord-Lieutenant of County Durham, these will accompany their current medals, which also include their Serving Brother & Sister awards. Dad had previously managed the St. John Ambulance division in Newton Aycliffe for many years and was also promoted to the County Staff and Mam was a member of the Nursing Division and promoted to Area Staff at Durham HQ.
The service was very inspiring, seeing the Members of all ages all who have dedicated their time to St. John Ambulance and I felt very proud that my family were a part of such a worthy cause. As an added bonus, we got to watch the whole service, also looking at the amazing ‘Museum of the Moon’ by UK Artist, Luke Jerram, which is a breathtaking seven metre wide moon sculpture, currently hanging in Durham Cathedral.
Photo: Maud & George Gray at Durham Cathedral.