Over the last few months I have experienced kindness in many forms, which has been overwhelming to say the least, firstly, Denise for caring for Hermione, Grace and Holly.
I have also been invited to attend many fundraisers which have been so much fun to attend, Ferryhill and Spennymoor parties in the park, Joanne and Nev from Community Spirit for nominating this rescue for their award which, may I add, helped me purchase a very good microscope for diagnostic purposes and our one and only Paul Howarth for the Christmas light switch on, also Karen for letting me use her lovely room for our Christmas Fair. However, these venues would never have been successful without June, Teri, Bethany, Valerie and Marlene, for taking the time to make some beautiful things to sell, also Lori for her lovely marmalade, Susan for her lovely cloth dolls and everyone who provides me with cash donations. Firstly Mary, some finders also give me cash which is accepted politely but I never ask for, this is purely a voluntary gesture.
This has provided me with the financial leverage to fill my medicine cupboard with antibiotics, wormers, pain relief and also things to treat wounds etc. This means that I will be going through 2022 fully equipped to save even more of these garden friendly beauties and with Grange Vets supporting me, it’s a win/win.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart because fundraising is difficult for me on top of the worry of admitting a very poorly hedgehog which can sometimes result in a few nights of broken sleep till they start to get better.
We are doing another fundraising event on the 12th March in the Scout Hall between 1-5, which is a Saturday, Sandra of Darlington Rescue has also been invited because it helps her help her hoggies, so please come and see us, our tombola has some great items.
All hedgehogs in Rescue are waiting for spring before we can let them go out there again, to safe release sites with support feeding because they were all very small on admission last year. Mitzi was a very small baby who lost all her spines and fur but she as you can see is fine now.
The British Hedgehog Preservation Society are available to answer any questions, they also have numbers for local rehabilitators, including my own, they can be reached on 01584 890801 or if you need help or advice my email is pricklyhaven@yahoo.com or our Facebook Page: Prickly Haven Hedgehog Rescue.