Students from Greenfield Community College have been selected to become published authors.

The students were offered the opportunity to enter a mini-saga writing competition, ran by Young Writers, and after submitting a range of creative and innovative writing were selected to be published in a short story anthology called Mission Contamination.

An impressive total of thirty students were selected out of 16,000 entries from across the country. This is an amazing achievement and demonstrates the creative minds of the young people at Greenfield Community College. Having their writing published has also given our young people confidence, showcases their writing skills and gives them a real purpose and audience for their writing.

“We could not be more proud of their achievements which demonstrates the creative minds that our school has to offer.” said Mrs Broom, English Development Lead, Names of students are: Kiera Whiting, Jack Lowe, Elanor Hughes, Jay Moore, Lewis Sangster, Sam Duckett, Luke Gledhill, Joshua Bagshaw, Faye Morrison, Taylor Bowen, James King, James Coupland, Charlie Walton, Bo Wilson-Lee, Courtney Griffiths, Jamie-Lee Stott, Arron Robson, Sophie Capstack, Trinity Paterson, Tilly Hathaway, Keira Lau, Erin Davison, Tia Wood, Alisha-Paige Leather, Katelyn Freeborn, Holly Vockings, Peter Suttle, Mia-Rose Thompson, Kayleigh Harrison, Ebony Cairns.

Other students have been speaking up for writing and were finalists of the Terry Kelly Poetry Prize. They have had their work published too as part of a regional anthology.

They celebrated as finalists at an event at Customs House, South Shields recently where their dedication and hard work was recognised.