Dear Sir,
Questions need to be asked as to why we, the taxpayer, are having to pay for two new builds for the County Councillors?
This Rag Tag and Bob Tail of the joint administration of Durham County Council, when a good purpose built building, that serves the purpose, was built on the area known as Sands.
This seems to me to be a complete waste of money, let alone officer time.
A third or fourth HQ is absolutely farcical. This administration has lost touch with the needs of the Council and its people.
The problems that the Councillors put forward will be there whoever takes it on. I have made trips to Durham and seen this building and find nothing wrong.
We were promised at the last election that the Lib/Dems would reduce our council tax. Now, not only has some £70 million been spent, I think that, and others also, this administration has lost the plot, given that they promised to reduce costs.
I also feel that we could seek a judicial review on this which would call a stop to all work.
Vince Crosby