Dear Sir,

Our new MP promised us lots during the last general election, he promised that he would do what he could for us and make our voices heard even though he is a mere backbencher. So let’s look at a couple things.

Firstly he said he would leave his various others seats as he is now a full time MP. But he still has not left those seats and is still claiming the income for them.

He has recently tried to pull the wool over his voters eyes by blaming the BBC for the loss of the free TV licence for the over 75s. When, in fact, the funding for that came from the government, which they have stopped providing.

Although many in the area use a lot of the NHS for FREE, he has voted AGAINST protecting the wonderful NHS from outside interference.

He has in fact voted with his party every time, disregarding any negative impact on his local constituents who he said he would try and help.

He has clearly shown that he is nothing more than a career politician, trying to increase his own income for as long as possible, helping the moron of a PM destroy what’s left of this amazing county and country.

Name & address supplied