Dear Sir,

In response to the letter It’s Not Fair in last week’s publication, if I read it correctly the writer has a very nice motor home with self-contained facilities, which they believe they are being prevented from using under current Covid-19 restrictions.

I’d like to point out that under the lockdown lifting procedures, individuals were allowed to stay away from home as long as they were in self-contained accommodation, ie caravans/motor homes, from 12th April. Caravan sites opened their bookings from that date, and in fact we have just enjoyed a four night break in our caravan.

So, sadly, the writer has missed a month of possibly getting away by either not reading or not understanding the current restrictions and I would urge them to contact their favourite site to make a booking – they are getting full rather quickly as a lot of people are looking to holiday in the UK this year.

From a happy caravanner.