Dear Sir,

On Sunday the 9th May I was privileged to be elected as an Independent Councillor for the Neville Ward and I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who voted for me.

Once the necessary post election formalities are complete I will begin to work on the best way to represent and serve the residents of the Neville Ward. One way I feel is absolutely necessary is for me to walk the ward on a regular basis in order to gain a clear picture of current positive developments and any issues that need to be addressed.

In my election leaflet I made it quite clear I only have one policy and one promise. The policy is my commitment to the best interests of the community and my one and only promise is to do the best that I can to achieve that aim. I won’t always be able to give the answer people want to hear and a quick fix may be the most popular thing to do, but a pleasing quick fix is not the same as a solution to a complex problem.

We are all the eyes and ears of the community and I want everyone in the Neville Ward and the community as a whole to feel they can approach me with their thoughts and concerns so that together we can work on improving the things that need to change and begin to make a real difference in our community.

Cllr Phillip Hawkins

Neville Ward